Art Direction

Art direction responsible for the growth, publicity and maintenance of events’ image, which may include a variety of services such as: visual identity, graphic design of posters, outdoors, billboards, staff t-shirts, promotional printed material, catalogues, signalization of exhibition facilities, stand booth design, merchandising products, website design interface, social media marketing and video production. See some examples of my work below.


A variety of solutions for brands and institutions which may include digital, movies, print, stand booth design and branding.

World Sustainability Organization is an industry independent, international NGO advocating environmental protection by means of international sustainability certifications, conservation projects and campaigns. WSO has developed Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea international certification programs for products from sustainable agriculture and fishing. The programs motivate producers to reduce their impact on the environment by respecting critical habitats. I provided full-services design to create layouts that reinforce the brand’s style and voice through its visual touchpoints, designing logos, annual reports, info-graphics, exhibition stands as well as interface design for didactic games, multi-language websites, video production and design for social media, coordinating the effort among multiple teams within and outside of the corporation.

Graphic Design

A wide range of Graphic Design Services

An unique and innovative design is essential to effectively communicate with your audience. It’s also a key element in establishing a solid brand. From logo design to Print design and everything between, I develop brochures, corporate reports, catalogues, promotional material, invitations and more.

Project Design

Amazing Fundraising Presentations
A successful project derives its strength from sound planning, the development of a strategy that outlines all the essential aspects of the proposed project including the capability of the organization and an impactful graphic design. This is an example of an application of strategic design in the development of fundraising projects of the International Animation Festival presented to future sponsors such as Petrobras, BNDS, HSBC, TIM, OI, Vivo, Telemar, among others.

Book Design

Design of books and catalogues

Cinema Festivals
Multiservice Design

Art direction of the International Animation Festival of Brazil

Known worldwide, Anima Mundi stands up among the five major animation festivals in the world and is the greatest in the Americas. It is also the main responsible for the formation and growth of the Brazilian animation market. For its originality and success, it has become an international model. For 5 years I worked as main art director responsible for the festival’s image, coordinating designer groups and in collaboration with scenographers, international animators and animation studios such as Aardman Animations, Michaela Pavlatova, Folimage Studios and Joanna Quinn. I also worked in the development of parallel digital projects such as: Anima Mundi Web (Animation Festival for the Internet and Mobile Phones sponsored by TIM), Mostra Itinerante Anima Mundi (special film festivals across Brazil), Anima Escola (animation courses for schools) and Anima Mundi DVD’s authoring (Collection of the best films exhibited during the festival).

Music Concerts
Multiservice Design

Art direction, visual identity, signalization and design of promotional printed materials for music concerts.
The show Bossa Nova In Concert celebrated the history of the Bossa Nova success around the world uniting names who made Bossa Nova internationally consecrated such as Roberto Menescal, Os Cariocas, Johnny Alf, Durval Ferreira, João Donato, Wanda Sá, Leny Andrade and Pery Ribeiro. This show was performed at Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Canecão in 2004 and had its second edition in 2005 gathering more than 30.000 people in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Cultural Events
Multiservice Design

Visual identity development, art direction, visual merchandising design and signage for cultural events.

SESC (Social Service of Commerce) consists of 572 institutions scattered over more than 2000 Brazilian municipalities that aim to develop a rich cultural program targeted towards a socially-diverse audience. Thanks to its unique positioning and its appeal to a socially-diverse audience, the Brazilian SESC popularized the concept of “cultural centers”. I carried out the art direction of “Encontro de Cultura das Cidades” event that gathered authorities from various parts of Brazil to discuss current themes on cultural politics. At the meeting 502 people from 16 states were present, representing 242 institutions. It was one of the most important cultural congresses of 2003 in Brazil.