Educational Tools

Concept development, design and implementation of didactic games, virtual presentations, e-learning courses, educational interactive structures, media entertainment and social community digital platforms to promote education. See some examples of my work below.

Interactive Lessons Design

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Design of educative and interactive lessons (Articulate Studio)

A project developed to the Australian International School Hong Kong in collaboration with Friend of the Sea Certification. The project is focused on helping teachers to introduce their students to the world of fishing and aquaculture, agriculture and farming through the key topics of biodiversity, sustainable production methods and responsible consumption.

My work included knowledge of Articulate Studio, with the ability to design and build master templates, use clever animation, create complex charts and design engaging creative layouts. Furthermore, informative material and gadgets were distributed to the students so that, once back home, they can tell others about the school workshop and the concepts learned.

Digital and Print Didact Material Design

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A variety of solutions for schools and institutions which may include digital, movies, print and branding.

The Anima Escola Project in partnership with IBM Brazil brings the language of animation to schools. Created by the staff of the Anima Mundi, International Animation Festival of Brazil, the project offers classes and workshops to students and teachers, so that they may produce their own animation films in class. In an entertaining way, the methodology created for the production of animated films fosters the development of several skills and proficiencies that are fundamental to the development of children and young people: creativity, planning, synthesis, abstraction, concentration and communication. The partnership with IBM, which began in 2003, resulted in the development of the Muan software, created especially for the Anima School Project. I carried out the creative direction of the project by developing a variety of solutions such as: visual identity, catalogues, posters, stand booth design, staff t-shirt, social community platform design and implementation, social media advertising, video editing and motion graphics.

Social Community
Platform Design

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The International Social Community Platform of Sustainability

Concept and development of an International social community platform about sustainability education promoted from the certification programs Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth. The goal was to maximize the online brand’s presence by creating an online space that generates visibility to the environmental certification’s activities connected to consumers, organizations, schools, companies and projects to help the environment. I carried out each step of the process, from the concept to the implementation, maintenance and promotion on Social Media. The project included: user research, interface design, visual identity, content development, social media advertising, webtv channel design, video content creation, videos for social media and promotional printed materials. Visit

Didact Structures Design

Creative Didactic Structures Concept Design and Project Management

Molluscs are often unknown to the audience nevertheless their role to the mosaic of biodiversity. Due to their reduced size, these animals are likely to become extinct, irreparably damaging the heritage of biodiversity of our planet, without arousing any turmoil. For this reason, The Museum of Natural History of the University of Florence in collaboration with Friend of the Earth Certification created the project “Italian Snail Conservation Project”. The design was focused on creating didactic structures in 3 locations in Italy to highlight the importance of the endangered snails species conservation.  The method “Hands on” by the creative integration of 3D objects into art was used as a strategy that encourages and supports children’s learning.

Educational Videos

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Environmental Awareness with AsdoMar

Video production and motion graphics services focused on the interplay of social media and online video of AsdoMar, one of Italian main canned fish brands, in its campaigns of beach cleaning at three major Italian National Parks. Over 30 Kilometres of beaches have been cleaned up by 100 people, among which, several schools and groups. The clean up has been widely promoted to make people aware of problems related to waste that have been disposed in the environment.

Multimedia Services

Authoring services

Menu design, DVD authoring, Blu-ray authoring for didactic materials.