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Lilian Loris is an Italian-Brazilian multidisciplinary designer that works combining art, technology and storytelling creating design projects for events & exhibitions, educational activities, brands and institutions which may include a variety of solutions such as digital, movies, print and creative products.

Professional experience

Whilst studying graphic design in Brazil at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, PUC-Rio, her projects were focused in innovation, multimedia & entertainment. She became Cnpq/PIBIC student and member of LAE (Electronic Arts Unit), working on multimedia projects for international institutions (such as ACM SIGGRAPH, NY based). At university, she also created a visual communication project for Anima Mundi (the greatest international animation festival in the Americas). It made her the youngest art director responsible for the growth, publicity and maintenance of the festival’s image, directing her own team and working with scenographers and international animation studios. At age 23, her clients included also music festivals and Brazilian institutions (such as SESC-Rio). Later on, she moved to Europe and thanks to further studies in video production, motion graphics and digital platforms, Lilian created digital projects and IPTV channels for the promotion of European brands and government institutions (such as Anas Spa and Marche Region), as well as documentaries and a TV series about wine tourism recently broadcast on UK televisions.


Originally from Brazil, Lilian grew up in a culture where human interaction and creativity thinking was the most valued. She moved to Italy at the age of 28, where she learned the value of respect and honesty: the foundation of a moral code that she carries with her every day. Growing up Lilian always had an innate sense of purpose, of wanting to make a positive difference in people and everything around her. This sense of purpose took her on experiencing many paths in Design, learning new fields of work for growing her capacities and choosing to work alongside companies that share the same values.

“Always learning, ever curious – One of the great things about being in the creative industries is how open the whole field is to crossovers. By using a creative process based approach, I work across many different disciplines in Design within my work, some of which I have expertise in and others which I am gaining new skills in.” @lilianloris

Creative Products

Lilian also has a great passion of creating original objects for gift/interior design stores.
“The ability to design products that stimulate change, joy or awareness in people is one of the most rewarding aspects of a creative job. That’s why I like working on personal projects of creating objects that spread joy and fun. It’s a good way to address different challenges and to find a way to express creativity, from ideas to implementation. The Hug cuscion idea came when a dear friend came from Japan after a long time. My friends were going to meet her at the airport, but since I could not go, I sent her a “hug”. Nowadays, the Hug Cushion is a top-selling product of Imaginarium (the largest Brazilian franchising of gift/home segment products). ”  @lilianloris


Lilian’s commitment to the environment is strong. She and her partner are a creative, goofy and travel loving couple specialized in video production for companies that promote corporate sustainability practices. Some years ago, they had been traveling the world to carrying out filming into the factories, natural parks, wind farms, ports and vessels to create projects for environmental education and entertainment for international clients as World Sustainability Organization and Earth Island Institute, California based.

“More than any time in the past people are more connected globally today due to the proliferation of communication and entertainment devices. My interest in sustainability awareness was born, not only because I wanted to help the world but because I found it an interesting challenge. The challenge of promoting education and the natural environment conservation by using entertainment and technology.” @lilianloris

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I work remotely or on-site with a diverse range of companies, brands and partners across multiple platforms, specialising in brand identity, creative direction and digital design. Let’s get in touch.