Digital Entertainment

Services combining design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies and institutions forward. My work encompasses concept and visual identity, virtual presentations, video production direction, IPTV & WEBTV channel design and implementation, promotional visual content for Social Media, user interface and user experience design for various interfaces, including digital devices, apps and websites. See some examples of my work below.

TV Series
Broadcast Design

Concept, visual identity, motion graphics and opening title of TV series

The Winery is a television series that let you discover amazing travel itineraries and getaway ideas to explore new places, tasting a good wine and having authentic experiences. The series is currently on air in the UK televisions and also on web through the main social networks. Visit the website

Channel Design

Creative direction from the concept identity to the live streaming platform’s design and implementation, UI/UX, video editing, soundtrack research, motion graphics of jingles and opening titles, green screen virtual studio design and promotional material graphic design.

PiceniTV channel is the result of the real will to join together the different resources that the Piceno area offers: culture, art and creativity. The Piceno culture speaks to an international public, as wide as possible, trying to promote a real exchange of knowledge and awareness of its inestimable and peculiar heritage. Culture means willingness to communicate itself in its own language, revealing the charm of a cultural process in progress: a contemporary system, attentive to the changing prospects, competitive and strategic for the growth and development of Piceno area and of Marche Region, Italy. My goal was to realize this project by means of a really innovative and highly professional platform, whose essential communication channel is the Web and whose main tool is the Web TV: visual, dynamic, direct, free.

Platform Design

A turn-key E-commerce Product Video Marketing Platform

The e-commerce platform of King Catch was developed to British consumers that can enjoy seafood video recipes, tips & techniques from Mediterranean leading chefs, shop ready to cook sauces, ingredients and much more. While watching a video recipe customers can view the purchased ingredients along with detailed information about them including wine pairing and great suggestions. I carried ou the entire project, from the concept, project management, user experience to the video production services that highlight King Catch unique ability to hand select, capture and deliver directly to consumers the very best fresh food that nature has to offer to mankind by extracting a combination of incredible flavors that has been sustainably sourced.

Platform Design

Live streaming and on demand platform solutions

The National Autonomous Roads Corporation is an Italian government-owned company deputed to the construction and maintenance of Italian motorways and state highways under the control of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. From the concept to the implementation, I created a complete WEBTV platform that shows entertainment, breaking news and videos to promote the Institution’s activities.  I worked on the concept and on demand channel identity, UI/UX and implementation, motion graphics of opening titles, jingles and title sequences, virtual studio backgrounds and virtual sets, video edition, coordination of effort among multiple teams within and outside of the platform.


The Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Safe Documentary

Earth Island Institute, based in California, is a non-profit, public interest, membership organization that supports people who are creating solutions to protect our shared planet.  Earth Island Institute’s Marine Mammal Project’s efforts to establish the dolphin safe label that is now the standard for the international tuna markets and monitor compliance with it around the world. I carried out filming and video edition working in partnership with Carlo Mameli Studios to produce the documentary about the Dolphin Safe label for the 25th Anniversary of the International Marine Mammal Project. This documentary was produced in different locations such as ports, vessels and tuna factories located in USA, Philippines, Hong Kong, Italy, Germany and Spain.

Promotional Video

Promotional videos for the Italian luxury market

The high-speed Internet access has brought great opportunities for brands to reach their target audience, and raise awareness for their products or services. Many brands have fully embraced this opportunity, and are seeing extraordinary engagement from a multi-platform video strategy. I worked on the video editing, compositing and motion graphics for world-renowned jewelry brands that have distinct Italian roots and are reflected in the artistry, design and elegance. I also followed up interviews and filming in Rome, Milan, Florence and at Baselworld, Switzerland, the world’s largest watch and jewelry trade show. By means of tried and tested, I worked on sophisticated filming techniques to present masterpieces of Italian jewelry in the form of moving images, from different viewpoints, enhancing them to the highest possible degree and creating an optimum atmosphere for each individual piece of jewelry.

Video Training

Video training multilingual services

Video editing, compositing and motion graphics for marketing tutorials campaigns of world-renowned jewelry brands. With stores located in many countries,  multilingual video tutorials are increasingly becoming an important part of the brand’s communication. In this example, voiceover and motion graphics were translated into many languages, such as Spanish, Deutsch, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.


Product Presentation Design

Concept, user experience, multilingual network platform design and implementation, video edting and motion graphics, Blu-ray disc, DVD authoring and packaging graphic design.

Social Media

Promotional Content Development for Social Media

Content created for social media platforms that are tailored to meet the needs of those specific audiences. My expertise allows me to make suggestions based on new trends, years of experience and research and a deep understanding of the brand’s goals and objectives.